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Does hair grown after hair transplant match the original hair color?

Many people who suffer from Alopecia are quiet worried about the color of their hair in the recipient area post hair transplant and their worry is quiet reasonable too, after all it is about their hair.

Whether the hairs grown post transplant would be of original hair color or not, would vary from person to person. There may be a case where the person is experiencing no graying of hair, then there is zero chance of color mismatch, while, there may also be cases when the hair around bald area and the follicles from the donor area are of different in color. There may be a case when one has gray hair around the bald region and original hair color in donor region or there may be the other, where one may have original color hair around bald area and gray in the donor region. In such cases, there happen chances of the color mismatch post transplant.

However, it is not completely possible to predict the color of your hair post hair transplant, in advance

Although, you can use other treatments like dying your hair in case your hair color post transplant is different from the hair around the recipient area. But, make sure before opting for any technique to color your hair, that your scalp is completely healed. In case, you use any such thing before your scalp gets healed, it might prove harmful to you and may take additional time to get healed or might also worsen the case.

For any more query in this regard, you can contact to our hair transplant clinic in Jammu. We guide and treat our clients to the best because we know how important your hair is to you.

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