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How To Deal With Hair Loss In Women

How To Deal With Hair Loss In Women?

Hair, that forms a woman’s crown, if starts falling, can be very distressing. It can have various negative effects like lowered self-esteem & confidence, lost of sensuality. You may start avoiding social involvement. Your efforts will be directed towards opting a hairstyle so as to cover up your baldness. We do come across the hardships, but the goodness lies in coping up from them, choosing a way out of it. Range of Hair Loss Women suffer from varied range of hair loss which may be hair thinning or complete loss of hair i.e. baldness. It can be gradual or sudden. Your hair loss can be genetic or the result of extreme stress,...

Does hair grown after hair transplant match the original hair color?

Many people who suffer from Alopecia are quiet worried about the color of their hair in the recipient area post hair transplant and their worry is quiet reasonable too, after all it is about their hair. Whether the hairs grown post transplant would be of original hair color or not, would vary from person to person. There may be a case where the person is experiencing no graying of hair, then there is zero chance of color mismatch, while, there may also be cases when the hair around bald area and the follicles from the donor area are of different in color. There may be a case when...

What is hair thinning and how does it ultimately get converted into baldness?

Firstly, there happens hair thinning.Then, there happens hair loss which at a later stage takes the form of balding. Hair thinning being more common in men, has been directly linked with male hormone, testosterone. There is a popular belief that bald men have higher levels of testosterone. Androgenic alopecia, scientific name used for male pattern baldness affects huge percentage of men. Hair loss happens due to shrinkage of hair follicles and its resulting impact on the growth cycle. Hair becomes thinner and thinner until there remains no hair at all and the follicles become dormant. Hormones and certain genes cause hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the hormone behind hair...

Know Your Hair Transplantation Cost!!